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Our mission is to evoke awareness, empowerment and inspiration through our designs to create unprovoked, necessary conversations about “race.” We strive to educate, foster positive dialog and partnerships among change-makers, politicians, influencers and families that will solve the inequalities between “races” because every human deserves the feeling of belonging, safety and the joy of equality.



Our vision is to inspire consumers to use their purchasing power to invest massively in the Black community so that we have a stronger political position to make actionable changes. We are also all about encouraging the youth to aspire to ownership because generational wealth is so important for our community to grow. SDHtoronto will continue to produce empowering designs to help foster much needed change. With your help, we will empower lives all across the globe and make equality a reality in our lifetime.


WHAT IS SDHtoronto?

SDHtoronto represents our initials: Sandra (mom) plus Shanon (1st son), Daniel (2nd son) Hamilton (last name) - Toronto, where I made a promise I would one day live and have my family in Canada.



After my 3rd car accident, I gained weight and became withdrawn. I eventually released my depression by doing something as simple as drawing. The drawing led to creating designs on t-shirts. I took it further by collaborating with singer, Keedron Bryan who wore our “Black Intelligence” t-shirt while singing, “I Just Wanna Live” on social media. This inspired millions of people globally! We are proud that we have become a big part of the movement!

My Teenage Boys Stepped Up To Help!

When the "Black Intelligence" design went viral, my teenage boys stepped up (...put down their phones!!) and took on jobs that were necessary for us to fulfill hundreds of orders. They were my angels! My boys are now a big part of the change. They help create designs and have been a great inspiration!
I am very excited to present our collections to you! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed designing them. When we support each other we become stronger together. 

About: Sandra D. Hamilton

Sandra D. Hamilton graduated in Fashion Technique and Design. She worked for a few designers and was led by her other passion to play professional basketball in Spain, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, England and the Majorca Islands! Sandra eventually won the coveted Harry Jerome award and was inducted 3 times into three different hall of fames for her basketball talent!
After her basketball chapter ended, Sandra knew fashion still held a deep hold of her heart. She enjoys making designs for the socially conscious as well as creating her own inclusive designs!
Just an FYI: Sandra is also a school teacher and is an author and illustrator (S.D. Hamilton) of a children’s ninja book series, personal dictionaries and cursive writing notebooks-- currently on Amazon.com.

About: Shanon (Rock) Hamilton

Shanon is in his 3 year of University. He is studying to become a teacher. He also has interests in video game design, baking, graphic design and kinesiology.

About: Daniel W. Hamilton

Daniel is in his first year of Fashion Technique and Design. He is very interested in designing his own collection and adding some of his designs to the SDHtoronto collections. He is also interested in painting and has an invested interest in cooking.
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