Poem to Keedron Bryant

A Poem to @Keedronbryant
Your singing
brings tears to my eyes.
What is happening to us,
It’s sin covered in lies.
They are,
Too scared, to hear
Too ashamed to care
They live in brainwashed tears
A polygraph of fear
This hate stems from forefathers
Reading bedtime hate
They spit and catch on fire
As their white robes detonate
It’s systemic. It’s in their tongue
You’re now embarrassing most people
Not just the dark ones...
WHO will stop this pandemic that
We can see,
cuz we ain’t stopping the protest
I know you can hear me
Open your eyes.
Release the “strange fruit” stories
It’s time you see humans and not
thieves of your glory
Come on you people
You know who you are
Take a look at what’s happening
You’re leaving yourselves now behind bars
We’ve already been through too many years of pain
You will not EVER hold us in those chains again...
We want to jog (Ahmaud...)
We want to drive (Sandra...)
We want to speak (Aubrey...)
We want to wait (waiting at Starbucks...)
We NEED change
It’s NEVER too late.
...we just wanna live...
...we just wanna to breathe...
🙏🏾 for being a friend - and starting a movement!!